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Green Gram

Green Gram

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Green gram is an wildly consumed pulse around the world and also has wide variety of used in traditional medicine. Due to its high content of bioactive substances such as peptides, polyphenols, and polysaccharides, as well as its excellent source of protein, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins, it is becoming a well-liked functional food for wellbeing promotion.

Suche Organic’s Green gram contains high amount of Proteins, dietary fibre and is free from all kinds of chemicals, GMOs, as well as pesticides


1) Due to high in antioxidants like isovitexin, vitexin and flavonoids, may help prevent cancer, DNA damage etc.,.
2) High in Fibre, Potassium, and Magnesium, Which May Lower Blood Pressure.
3) Green grams has high folate content can promote a healthy pregnancy.


1) Due to high protein and hypo allergic, it is best to give for Toddlers.
2) Best for confusing after germination, as the increase bioavailability of zinc and iron.
3) Used to prepare curries, dals etc.,

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