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Toor Dal

Toor Dal

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Traditional Indian Dals are made with Toor dal, a high-fiber food that also contains a lot of protein and micronutrients.

Suche Organic’s Toor Dal, contains a high amount of proteins, fat and dietary fiber and is free from all kinds of chemicals, GMOs, as well as pesticides.


1) Dal Recipes are a great complement to any type of Roti.
2) In South India, Arisiparupu receipe cooking rice with toor dal is the most popular dish.


1) Toor dal is rich in protein that might help avoid type 2 diabetes.
2) It is found that in patients with diabetes and cholesterol, regular intake of toor dal may lower their blood sugar and cholesterol.
3) Due to High Folic Acid, it's beneficial for pregnancy women.

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