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Wheat Flour (Lokwan)

Wheat Flour (Lokwan)

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The grains of Lokwaana wheat are tougher than those of other kinds. It is well known for a variety of health advantages, including as decreasing cholesterol levels, fostering healthy digestion, and supplying a ton of energy.

Our Low RPM Chakki machine, which is comparable to hand grinding and is used to grind our wheat flour, produces flour that is nutrient-rich as contrasted to other flour mills.

Because it contains more gluten, it is simpler to roll out bigger, thinner chapatis.

Suche Organic’s Kabuli Channa is free from all kinds of chemicals, GMOs, as well as pesticides


1) Highly nutritious due to Low RPM grinding
2) Improve bowel movements
3) Lower cholesterol


1) Best for Rotti/Chapathi
2) Wheat Dosa

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