Why is organic food best for your child's development?

Why is organic food best for your child's development?

Why is organic food best for your child's development?

Proper nutrition is vital for a child's existence, physical and mental development, productivity and overall well-being. It can be achieved by ensuring your child has a sound eating regimen and that the quality of your child's food is good. This is why parents nowadays are becoming increasingly aware of enhancing their child's food quality. Notably, organic foods are becoming highly popular because of their numerous health benefits and safety aspects . Organic foods are high in nutrients and they are free from harmful chemicals. But before knowing in detail why organic food is the best choice for your child's development, it's essential to understand how it differs from regular or non-organic food.

How does regular food differ from organic food?

Ordinary or non-organic food is primarily grown using pesticides, insecticides, and synthetic agents to curb pests and insects and avoid spoilage. As a result, they are available plentifully in the market.

But in contrast, organic foods are made, processed, and then conserved naturally, free from a chemical environment. Similarly, meat, milk, and eggs derived from animals are also not treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.

 Organic foods are essential for overall child development. Why? Here are some of the crucial reasons:

Food standards

The primary reason organic foods are best is their quality and the safety standards they follow. Pesticides and synthetic agents are not used in organic farming, making organic foods safe for your children. Thus, children are saved from the harsh effects of chemicals. Also, they are GMO-free as they are mainly grown using all-natural techniques.

Better cognitive development in a child

As per some studies by different epidemiologists, pesticides affect your child's cognitive development when prone to certain levels of exposure. In addition, with regular consumption of food with preservatives such as benzoic acid, a child can suffer from hyperactivity and ADHD.

Hence, choosing organic foods that contain ample Omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid helps you protect your child from all these harmful chemicals. Moreover, with organic food, the brain health of your child improves tremendously.

Rich in nutrition and good for physical health

Ensure that your child gets enough nutrition from the food they intake, as it helps in their overall development.

Feeding your child organic foods gives them the best nourishment, proper health, and immunity, aiding their overall development. Organic foods are rich in essential nutrients, offering good physical health.

Provides antioxidants

Organic food supports child development as it has many antioxidants that protect your child's cells from the harmful effects of various infections. It is so because they are not exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides while growing for which they are in more stress and produce more antioxidants.

Better taste with a natural flavour

Organic foods involve cereals, vegetables, fruits, snacks, packaged foods, etc. All these are available without any preservatives, additives, sugars etc., which saves your child from being hyperactive and several other complications. Organic food contains natural flavors that help in training the taste buds of your little one and they will like the natural taste of food.


By choosing organic food for your child, you are saving them from all ill effects of toxic pesticides and preservatives. Not only that, you are also reducing the risk of getting several acute and chronic diseases in the future for your child. So, encourage your child to have more organic foods by discussing with them the health benefits of the same.

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