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Barnyard Millet

Barnyard Millet

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Barnyard Millet is a staple food for a lot of communities in India and a super crop of our ancestors is one of the fastest growing cereal. It is mostly consumed at the time of fasting.

Suche Organic’s Barnyard millet are a rich source of dietary fiber, iron, zinc, calcium, protein, magnesium, fat, vitamins, and some essential amino acids and is free from all kinds of chemicals, GMOs, as well as pesticides


1) It is a great source of dietary fiber, a good amount of protein, and easily digestible.
2) The high carbohydrate to crude fiber ratio provides a slower release of glucose into the blood, which helps to keep blood sugar levels stable.
3) Due to lower glycemic index (GI) it is an ideal choice for type 2 diabetic patients.
4) Because of decreased phytate content, which favors mineral bioavailability significantly.
5) Barnyard millet contains alkaloids, steroids, carbohydrates, glycosides, tannins, phenols, and flavonoids, which have a variety of ethnomedical properties, including being antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial, as well as having the ability to heal wounds and reduce the symptoms of diseases related to constipation.


1) A great substitute for rice
2) Pongal and Idly cooked with Barnyard Millet are great for diabetic patients' breakfast.
3) Barnyard Millet Upma or Kichadi is a fantastic option for kids' tiffin box.
4) The curd rice prepared from barnyard millet will be impossible to resist.

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