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Organic Finger Millet Flour

Organic Finger Millet Flour

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Finger millet was discovered to have its origins in the eastern African highlands at the beginning of the Iron Age, some 5000 years ago. It then spread to India, 3000 years ago.
One of the earliest varieties of millet to be cultivated in India, finger/ragi millet is used in many south Indian recipes. They are referred to as a wonder grain and have recently grown in popularity.

Suche Organic's Finger/ Ragi Millet is a rich source of calcium, iron, protein, fibre and other minerals and is free from all kinds of chemicals, GMOs, as well as pesticides.


1) Ragi has three times as much calcium as milk. The optimal combination Calcium and Potassium for boosting bone mineral density.
2) Due to low fat content and contains mainly unsaturated fat. It is ideal for diabetics because it is gluten-free and easy to digest.
3) Ragi is high in amino acids, which are necessary for the body's normal operation as well as tissue repair and wound healing.
4) It has great antimicrobial, antioxidant, and hypocholesterolemic characteristics due to its high polyphenol content.


1) One of the best dish in the south India making Ragi mudde/Kali.
2) Drinking ragi malt is a great way to get nutrients.
3) Ragi Rotti/Dose.
4) Ragi-based cookies and ladoos are a hit with kids.
5) Ragi Pakoda is a snack for the evening.

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