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Urad Dal Black Split

Urad Dal Black Split

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Urad Dal, a staple food of India, is wholesome, nutrient-filled and is easy to digest. It is commonly used in our kitchen for making Dal, Idly, Dosa, Medu vada, Papad, and seasoning in various dishes.

Suche Organic provides unpolished Organic Urad Dal which is rich in Protein, Iron, Calcium and Dietary fiber and is free from all kinds of chemicals, GMOs, as well as pesticides.


1) Idly prepared with urad dal is a great breakfast option for diabetics.
2) Evening snakes prepared using Urad dal are a good source of nutrients, such as Medu vada and Papad.
3) Dal made with Urad dal is a delicious side dish.


1) Urad dal has a low glycemic index and high fiber content, making it a great diet for diabetic people to maintain blood sugar levels.
2) It is rich in Polyphenols, which possess excellent Antioxidant properties to prevent cellular Damage.
3) Urad Dal helps in improve bone mineral density due to Calcium content.
4) Low glycemic index, low fat, high fiber, and other minor ingrediants like saponins, phytosterols, and oligosaccharides all assist to lower the risk of heart disease.

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